Rules and Regulations

Below are our rules and regulations. We ask that you adhere to them at all times during private or group lessons.

  • Please choose a seat in the grass while swim lessons are in session. We ask that parents do not sit on the pool deck.

  • Please throw trash in the proper receptacles.

  • We ask that you please watch your children who are not participating in the lessons. This allows for our staff to focus on your child recieving the lesson versus dealing with a first aid/medical issue.

  • The baby pool is closed until 12pm when the pool officially opens. No persons should enter the baby pool area before 12pm.

  • If you remove a chair from a table, we ask that you put it back when you are finished with it.

  • There is no eating or drinking on the pool deck.

  • Since lessons are only thirty minutes long, we ask that you please arrive on time.

  • We are aware that some children have difficulty detaching themselves from their parents, but please allow the instructors ample opportunity to work with them.

  • Please remember that learning to swim will take time and we will do our best to help them succeed as quickly as possible. All children have different learning styles and abilities and we will do our best to meet your child's needs. 

  • If you no show for a private swim lesson, you will be charged in full.

  • If you cancel a private swim lesson (unrelated to weather) without providing 4 hours notice, you will be charged in full.