Group Lessons

2022 Villa Aquatic Group Lessons

Group Lesson Dates

June 13th - June 24th

July 5th - July 15th

July 25th - August 5th

We will hand out a registration form to collect contact info and payments will be made when you arrive. As you are registering, the child will be evaluated.

Please arrive on the first day of each session at 9 am for group lesson registration. On the first day of each session, parents will complete a registration form and pay for group swim lessons (cash, check, or Venmo accepted). While parents are registering their child, the child will get in the water and show our instructors the swimming skills they already have. This allows us to take into account water safety, swimming skills, and comfort level with unfamiliar adults (separation from parents in water). This is the best way for instructors to evaluate all of the students in the session and place children into classes based on their skill level. After the 'in-water' evaluation is complete and parents have completed registration paperwork for their child/children, they are free to go. Instructors will text or email parents that afternoon to inform them of their child's class time for the rest of the session.

Group swim lessons range from 9-11 am. Each class is 30 minutes long, Monday-Friday for a duration of two-weeks. Parents are welcome to request specific class times for their child (between the hours of 9-11 am), however we cannot guarantee that they will be placed in that class. Our goal to place children in a class that is best fit for their swimming needs.