Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I register my child for group swim lessons?

Registration occurs at 9am on the first day of each group swim lesson session. We create as many classes as needed depending on how many students register for lessons.

2. If my child will only be able to attend one week out of the two-week session, can they still participate?

Yes! Parents can sign their child up for one week's worth of group lessons. Divide the two-week session price in half to find the new cost.

If a parent normally pays $70 (member) for a two-week session, they will now pay $35 for one week.

If a parent normally pays $80 (non-member) for a two-week session, they will now pay $40 for one week. 

3. Will my child be swimming by the end of the two-week session?

It depends on each child's needs, experiences, and age. If a student already has the basics (comfortable putting their head underwater) then our goal would be to have the child leave the session with the skills needed for basic swimming. If your child is a little timid in the water, it may take more time. With younger children, we focus our energies on water safety skills such as floating, properly entering and exiting the pool, and water comfortably.

4. What do I need to bring on the first day of lessons?

-swimsuit (for the enrolled child)

-goggles (if preferred)



*Registration/In-Water Evaluations typically only take a few minutes!

5. What is "In-Water" testing?

On the first day of each session, parents will register and pay for group swim lessons. While parents are registering their children, the child will hop in the water and show our instructors what they can do. This is the best way for instructors to evaluate all of the students in the session and place children into classes based on their age but more importantly their skill level. After the in-water evaluation is complete and parents have registered their children, they are free to go. Instructors will call parents in the afternoon to inform them of their child's class time.

6. What is a good age to start enrolling my child in swim lessons?

Typically, kids begin swim lessons between ages 3 and 4. With that said, if you have a child that is younger than 3 and is comfortable in the water, then we recommend starting them sooner. We try to encourage parents to start their children in lessons when they are comfortable putting their heads underwater. For some children, this occurs as early as 2 years of age.

7. How do I schedule private lessons?

Email Jaime Ellenberger for more info! Jaime coordinates the swim lesson program and can refer you to the instructor best suited for your child's needs.